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A Maryland ride-share driver said a break between fares turned unexpectedly profitable when he won a $100,000 lottery jackpot.

The 69-year-old Middle River man told Maryland Lottery officials he has been working as an Uber driver for about five years, and on a recent day of driving, he took a break between fares and stopped at the Wawa store in Joppa.

The man said he bought a Holiday scratch-off ticket and earned a $10 prize, which he decided to use to buy a $1,000 Loaded scratch-off ticket.

The man scratched off the ticket in the store and discovered he was a $100,000 winner.

“I was saying ‘Holy, holy, holy,’ and a law enforcement officer who was standing next to me began to ask if I was OK. That’s when I asked him if he was seeing what I was seeing and showed him the ticket,” the winner recalled.

“He said that he saw a $100,000 prize and then asked me if I needed security.”

The man said he plans to use his winnings to make some home improvements and upgrades to his ride-share vehicle.

“After driving for five years and over 24,000 rides, I’ve got to update to stay on the road,” he said.