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A restaurant manager in Britain broke a Guinness World Record when he arranged chairs into a stack that reached 17 feet high.

Guinness confirmed Jay Ehson, 37, broke the world record with his stack of chairs outside the Baab-e-Salaam Banquiting Hall in the Cheetham Hill area of Manchester, England, where he works as a manager.

Ehson’s stack broke the previous record of 15.5 feet.

“Stacking the chairs can be very dangerous,” Ehson told the Manchester Evening News. “It was important we picked a day when there was wind was very light so they didn’t blow over.

“People should not try to do this unless they are very experienced and confident in what they are doing.”

Ehson said Guinness gave him rules to follow during his attempt.

“The chairs are not allowed to touch the ladder, but if they collapse in the direction of the ladder someone could hurt. I had three practice attempts before making the official world record attempt on the fourth go,” he said.

The record attempt raised nearly $2,000 for charities that help the homeless.

“My aim is to set an example and inspire the younger generation to do have some social responsibility,” he said. “It’s important for those of us who have to help out the have-nots, particularly when there is a global pandemic.”

Ehson previously held a Guinness World Record when he created a 2.2-foot stack of tortillas in 2018. The record has been broken since.